Netcom 2019

September 26, 2019

We have been to Brazil last month, and learn the market of Brazil.

With the advent of the era of full service operation, the three major operators in the access network level to accelerate the layout.Since 2009, it has been regarded as the first year of large-scale FTTX construction, and the annual FTTX scale is expected to exceed 25 million lines, more than three times that of 2008. Moreover, FTTH construction of all-light in the true sense has been preliminarily started. High-standard FTTH access is considered as a powerful means to compete for high-end customers.


QualitY think that the emphasis of FTTH network construction is shifting from outdoor to indoor, and the change of environment brings a series of problems of network deployment.In the field of FTTH research, in addition to business integration, technology selection and system equipment, the focus of attention also includes: the development of new optical fiber and cable (mainly referring to outdoor to indoor introduction optical fiber and indoor optical fiber), the reduction of indoor construction difficulty and network operation and maintenance cost.Since the pilot project of FTTH construction in China, the flexural fiber and FTTH fiber with various structures have been basically made in China.Therefore, indoor network deployment, efficient link opening and operation and maintenance have become the focus of FTTH network construction, in which fiber fast connector will play an important role.