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company news about Benefits of Fiber Optics for Your Home-Based Business

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Benefits of Fiber Optics for Your Home-Based Business
Latest company news about Benefits of Fiber Optics for Your Home-Based Business

There are currently over 15 million home-based businesses in the U. S. and the trend is picking up steam. The popularity of working from home is understandable. Not wasting time on your commute and enjoying the comforts of home while you work are great incentives. There is also evidence that at-home businesses benefit from an increase in productivity and a boost to their bottom line.


Working from home, however, does present its own challenges in terms of infrastructure. It’s important to have the tools you need to do your job effectively, including the proper office equipment as well as fast and reliable access to the internet. To ensure that your home-based business is set up for success, consider using fiber optics for your internet connection. If you are on the fence about whether fiber optic internet will make a big difference in the operation of your company, consider the following benefits.


Faster Speeds for Your Home-Based Business

examine how both fiber optic and traditional internet work. The fiber optic technology harnesses light to send data to and from your computer via thin, flexible strands of glass, while traditional internet still relies on using electricity which travels through copper wire connections. Because light photons travel much faster than electricity, there is no competition. Fiber optic internet, which can offer speeds up to 10 Gbps, is 100 times faster than regular internet service!


Increased Reliability

In addition to needing a fast internet connection, a home-based business also need to know their internet service is reliable. Who hasn’t experienced the internet failing at the absolute worst time? Inclement weather can negatively impact data transmission, and the internet often slows down at night when more people are online using the available bandwidth.


It’s always inconvenient when this happens, but if you are running your business from home, it can be disastrous. Because fiber is much stronger than the copper used by traditional internet providers, a fiber optic system can stand up to weather and electrical interference. Further, the fiber optic internet is designed to maintain fast speeds even during times when internet demand is high.


Better Bandwidth

The bandwidth of your internet service determines the volume of data that can be transferred from one location to another in a set amount of time. The more bandwidth your internet provides, the faster you are able to send and receive information.


With traditional internet, insufficient bandwidth is often an issue, but with fiber optics, the bandwidth capacity is almost unlimited. This ensures that web conferencing is possible, large files can be shared, high-definition videos can be streamed, and cloud-based applications can be accessed.


In addition to providing greater bandwidth, use of fiber optics also ensures bandwidth symmetry. Simply put, the symmetrical bandwidth of fiber optics means that upload and download speeds are equal. This is a big improvement over traditional internet where upload speeds can be notoriously slow. Businesses often need to store information in the cloud and send large data files, so having slow upload speeds can be very problematic. With fiber optic internet, these companies can accomplish uploads and downloads simultaneously and at equally fast speeds.


So many aspects of doing business today involve being online. If you think a faster and more reliable internet would be helpful for your at-home business, you really should consider using fiber optics. This form of internet can give your home-based business the level of service it needs to effectively get the job done.

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