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company news about Nylon sheath cable in anti-rodent

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Nylon sheath cable in anti-rodent
Latest company news about Nylon sheath cable in anti-rodent


This paper answers the question of “Whether nylon jacketed can be used for anti-rodent?” by using anti-termite nylon jacketed optic fiber cable with steel strip enhancement and comparing the advantages and disadvantages with the existing anti-rodent cables. In addition, through the laboratory experiments and the practical applications of some operators, we also discuss the possibility of

nylon jacketed cable used in Anti-rodent, and finally conclude that because of the balanced performance of convenient construction, lower cost and the good effect, nylon anti-rodent cable is an ideal choice for preventing the rat.

Key Words: Nylon jacketed cable, Anti-rodent, Application


1. Introduction

With the rapid development of optical projects, such as Copper Back into the Light, Construction of Rural Informatization and Coverage of All-Optical Network, optical fiber communication has become a mainstream. However, pipeline and aerial optical fiber cables often be destructed by rats, especially in some hilly and mountainous areas. Besides, in the case of multiple species, large numbers and widely distributed, the issues of Anti-rodent become more and more serious. Despite there are continuously trying to prevent the rat-damage, the disappointing performances of the prevention effects, high producing costs and tough construction are too clear to be accepted. This article has explored the application of anti-rodent of Nylon jacketed cable.


2. Conception of Rat and Anti-rodent Cable

2.1 Rat

Rat belongs to Mammalia Rodentia, and the species of the rat are over 1600. As the characteristic of reproduction explosion, short pregnant period, high birth rate and rapid sexual maturity, the number of the rat can sharply increasing in a short term. It has a strong ability to survive, and the tracks of the rat can be easily found in every corner of the world except Antarctica. As a result, rat is really a huge disaster to agricultural production. Rodent teeth are highly specialized. It has 1 pairs of incisors up and down in the mouth, three molars, no canines but tooth-gap left, and about 1 or 2 premolars were disappeared. The enamel exists only in its front incisors, thus the soft teeth behind depletes much faster, which leads to forming sharp chisel-shaped incisors. In addition, there is no tooth-root in incisors to removing the growth,

which means that the rat has to molar constantly to keep equilibrium. If two relative incisors touch each other, rat will endure a deadly consequence. This unique molar property makes its teeth sharp and effective, which is also the reason why rodent.


2.2 Comparison of the existing Anti-rodent cables

Anti-rodent cables generally work as the following three categories:

1. Improving sheath or armor layer to make the cable get the ability to hurt rat oral, which makes rodent have hurtful feelings and be fear to bite cable again. For example, glass fiber ribbon cable and glass fiber yarn cable.


2. Adding rodent repellents or spicy agent into the cable to keep the rat away.


3. Strengthening the hardness of the cable material to make it more difficult for rat to bite. The most available programs currently are taking steel tape armored and steel wire armored. The following table discusses about the prevention principles and characteristics of the existing Anti-rodent cables.


Table 1: comparison of common Anti-rodent

latest company news about Nylon sheath cable in anti-rodent  0

latest company news about Nylon sheath cable in anti-rodent  1


According to the comparative results from the above table, Nylon

jacketed Anti-rodent cable is a balanced program between prevention and cost as well as construction presently. As for nonmetal structure Anti-rodent cable, the most mature and wide-used one is glass fiber yarn cable (like GYFTY73) nowadays.However, its outer diameter is much larger than Nylon jacketed

cable under the same number of cores, and behaved worse on construction and cable surface protection (Details referring to the following comparison of experiment)


2.2 Conception of Nylon jacketed Anti-rodent cable

The structure of Nylon jacketed Anti-rodent is as follows:

latest company news about Nylon sheath cable in anti-rodent  2


From the previous comparison we can figure out that ordinary Anti-rodent cables cannot strike the right balance among diameter,weight and prevention. However, the Nylon jacketed Anti-rodent cable almost perfectly meets the requirements due to the properties of Nylon material. As thermoplastic material, Nylon is green &environmentally friendly, nonpoisonous and tasteless, and it has relatively high intensity (shore hardness is over 70), stiffness and toughness, also it has excellent abrasion resistance, heat resistance and resistance to creep. It is difficult for rat to find a working-point to tear the cable for its sooth and solid surface after sheath formed, and the Nylon is an ideal sheath material for Anti-rodent. Besides, the thickened steel strip (thicker over 20% than common steel strip) strengthens the capacity of steel strip against bite (the maximum bite force of Wistar rat is about 9.3-44.6 N[1] under natural condition, and the bite through force of thickened steel strip is over 900N), those features can make a better protection to the cable, so as to achieve a ideal prevent effect.

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